Echoes of the unheard are the collective voices of a group of women from Teesside, who, over the course of eight weeks, have experienced their lived experience of poverty and social injustice through poetry workshops.

Under the umbrella title ‘Writing truth to power”, the workshops, facilitated by Julie Easley on behalf of Tees Women Poets for the award-winning organisation Thrive Teesside, have allowed for an expression of self in a safe and supportive space.

The group are connected by the reality of their lives as a constant struggle to overcome obstacles put in their way by political choices made by those in power. As a result, the poems and stories in this book speak of the smallness of being a silenced citizen in a society that values profit over people.

The book introduces the women first, in their own words, because guess what, ‘poor people’ have names, they bring up loving families, they work, they are disabled and displaced, they are transitioning, and all of them contribute to a society that devalues them.

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Front Cover by Corrina Eastwood