Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us: The Poverty Truth Commission approach

The Poverty Truth Commission is a unique and powerful way of developing new insights and initiatives to tackle poverty, developed in Glasgow and Leeds over the past six years.  

The key principle behind a Poverty Truth Commission is that decisions about poverty must involve people who directly face poverty.  Its uniqueness is derived from the fact that half of its members are people with senior roles in civic and business life in the city – and the other half are people with direct personal experience of what it is like to live in poverty in the city.  The process is a culmination of relationship building, fact-finding and deep thinking over a 12 month period between people with a direct experience of poverty and civic and business leaders within the city. The aim is to ensure that people who have experienced poverty first-hand are at the heart of how the borough thinks and acts in tackling poverty and inequality.

If you would like to learn more about the Poverty Truth Commission, visit the website here