Investing in children is investing in the future.

“Increasing Child Benefit to £50 a week would enable me to buy school trips, books and other school supplies for my son. Ensuring he can get the most out of his school days.”

We are calling upon the government to raise Child Benefit to £50 per child per week.

This is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of helping families both in work and out of work. It offers financial security and will have a positive impact on addressing the issues associated with child poverty and gender equality. The rise will support and protect people’s right to an adequate standard of living and bring UK policies more in line with our international human rights commitments. Increasing Child Benefit will require no changes to systems and offer an instant impact.


…requires no change to welfare systems and processes.

…is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of helping families.

…will provide an instant impact to families in need.