Hartlepool Poverty Truth Commission: The Official Launch Event

On the 15th of May, Wednesday, we hosted the launch event for the Hartlepool Poverty Truth Commission. After six months of planning, dedicated Hartlepool community commissioners produced the launch to shed light on the realities of life in Hartlepool and the challenges faced by those living in poverty.

Scum: A short film by Thriving Women/Tees Women’s Poets

North East churches & communities gather to tackle poverty together.

From Church Action on Poverty’s website.

NEXUS Short Film

Nexus is a short film about the impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental health, eating-related coping strategies, and the power of connection.


Through the eyes and values of lived experiences: Listen up to level up.

Using their voices, members of Poverty2Solutions highlight their dedication to ending the issues that keep people trapped in poverty. This film also highlights the importance and value of involving lived experiences in the conversations around shaping effective policy and creating systemic change that can help build a fairer society.

Growing Rights Instead of Poverty Partnership (GRIPP) is working together to end poverty across the nations and regions of the UK.

GRIPP is made up of a number of individuals, projects and organisations from across the nations and regions of the UK who endeavour to take a human rights-based approach.


We have three paid members of staff

Tracey Herrington


Leading and co-ordinating on Thrive's local and national work including Poverty2Solutions, the APLE Collective and developing Hartlepool's Poverty Truth Commission.

Corrina Eastwood

Community Organiser

Engaging and working with the community to create opportunities whereby people with lived experience of poverty can influence decisions that can lead to positive change. I am also APLE Collective's lived experience coordinator!

Dylan Eastwood

Media and Communications Officer

Responsible for creating, distributing, and managing Thrive's online presence in order to meaningfully voice those with lived experiences of poverty.

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