Thriving Women

Thriving Women was created and produced by a collective of women who live and work in Teesside. The poems and articles in this book shows how we, as Teesside women are highly skilled, passionate and determined and will not stay silent. We are the voice of our communities and we are here to be listened to, no matter what we face we will rise up, and we rise up by helping others.

We launched Thriving Women alongside it’s partner book, Thriving Teesside. The Launch was a brilliant success, if you’d like to see more about our book launch with performances, art and more, click here.

Thriving Women by Coy Eastwood

For International Women’s Day 2019, we updated our book to coincide with this monumental day and celebrate women of all kinds from Teesside, take a look here: Thriving Women: (International Women’s Day Special Edition)

We worked alongside the Tees Women Poets to develop this book, we couldn’t of done it without their amazing contributions.

This project was funded by County Durham Community Foundation and the Tampon Tax.