Volunteers are the solid foundations that keep Thrive not only grounded in the lived realities of people living in poverty but also able to function and deliver on its charitable objectives. Volunteers have steadfastly shared their lived realities of difficult and precarious personal situations. They have shared their hopes and fears for their futures, thought through practical solutions to the barriers that continue to keep them trapped in poverty and remained determined to create positive change. 

Thrive applaud the time, dedication, and insight volunteers have consistently brought to the organisation. In appreciation of their perseverance, Thrive would like to share some of their memorable moments:

  • The time when they walked through the streets of Teesside taking action against unfair benefit sanctions
  • The many long arduous trips to London on countless occasions to sit around the table of MP’s advocating for the value of putting lived experiences at the heart of policy making
  • The lengthy preparations for and attending both a Conservative Party Conference and a Labour Party Conference
  • The numerous hours spent researching who is who in the world of policy making and local decision-making arenas
  • Supplying the copious amounts of cups of tea and engaging in conversations with neighbours to build connexions and gather others’ thoughts and feelings on a range of social issues
  • Even when exhausted, putting their heads together to create new and innovative ways of creating opportunities for the wider community to engage – from Thrive’s goggle box to their Women Speak out initiative
  • The insurmountable dedication of their time to the numerous researchers who have passed through Thrive’s open door
  • And last but certainly not least, for being there. On the other end of the phone for their peers when they have wanted a bit of support

The list is infinite. Thrive’s gratitude is endless. We do not exist without you. You are our heart and soul.