Helping ordinary people, do extraordinary things

Thrive is an award winning organisation working in Teesside aiming to close the gap between the rich and the poor by supporting low-income communities to enact change. We do this through research, mentor support and by taking local action: bringing together local people and institutions, supporting them to take action and campaign for social justice.

We have three paid members of staff, a group of 12 dedicated volunteers and a Board of Trustees with 2 advisors (7 in total) Thrive has been able to get the voice of people in poverty to those in power in a way no other grassroots organisation in Teesside has.  Many organizations have spokespeople, support workers, advisors and CEO’s speaking for their service users, but Thrive, sticking to our principle of ‘never do for others what they can do for themselves’, has people with direct experience of poverty and financial and social exclusion regularly changing their community and speaking out.


The Next UK White Paper on social security- Michael Orton/Kate Summers and UK Social Policy Association

Thrive are hosting a workshop ‘The Next UK White Paper on social security’ organised by @MichaelOrton9 and Kate Summers. Register to attend here


Just Fair and Thrive- Letter to the Editor


Poverty 2 Solutions- Update

What a journey we have been (and still are on). Three grassroots’ organisations: ATD Fourth World, Dole Animators and Thrive Teesside have been working with Ruth Patrick and Dan Farley (with funding and support from Webb Memorial Trust and JRF) for nearly 3 years now developing their Poverty2Solutions. Read More

Skint Britain- Tanya Lawson

Thrive volunteer Tanya Lawson has been interviewed by Paul Brook from JRF about the Skint Britain series filmed in Hartlepool. The full document is below.



Thrive Teesside are hugely grateful to have obtained three year funding through the National Lottery Community Fund